The Center's Director
The Center is led by its director, Ronit D. Appel. An internationally
renowned scholar of Jewish and Israeli art, Ronit is a frequent and
sought-after lecturer on a wide range of topics relating to Jewish and
Israeli art. She is also the owner of a fine art gallery in Manhattan
specializing in Jewish and Israeli art.

Ronit, an avid art enthusiast who takes special pride in her Jewish heritage,
is devoted to furthering the public's understanding of the roots of Jewish
and Israeli art. Ronit takes special joy in celebrating the lives and artwork
of the Jewish European artists who helped develop art in the Land of Israel
at the beginning of the 20th century.

Ronit has a profound admiration for the lives and artwork of the Jewish
artists who painted during the Holocaust and is committed to ensuring that
those artists and their artwork are celebrated, paid tribute to, and never

Ronit holds a law degree and a B.A. in Government, both with honors, from
the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. During her studies, Ronit was an
Argov Fellow in Leadership and Diplomacy, a prestigious fellowship that
recognizes future leaders of the Jewish People and Israel. Fully bilingual in
English and Hebrew, Ronit has spent significant amounts of time living in
both the United States and Israel and has been involved in various
educational programs in numerous cities in Europe. Her vast knowledge of
Jewish and Israeli art and Jewish history, her strong love for her Jewish
roots and Israel, and her endless enthusiasm, dedication, and passion
make Ronit a dynamic scholar, speaker, and Director.
(347) 387-6100