"Art is the soul of a nation."

Boris Schatz (1866-1932)

''Even if I perish, do not let
my pictures die, show them to
the public.''

Felix Nussbaum (1904-1944
The Center's Mission

"The seed of a creative idea  
does not die in mud and  
scum. Even there it will
germinate and spread its
blossom like a star shining in  

Petr Ginz (1928-1944)

"...I am not asking for  
recognition, I just ask you to  
remember me and my little
daughter. This talented girl,
Margolit Lichtensztajn is 20
months old and shows a
talent for painting…."

Gela Seksztajn (1907-1943)
The Center's mission is to promote research on European
Jewish art and art of the Holocaust, to further the public's
understanding of the roots of Jewish and Israeli art, to
further the public's knowledge of European Jewish art and
art of the Holocaust, including art looted during the
Holocaust, and to ensure that the lives and artwork of the
great Jewish artists who risked their lives to paint during the
Holocaust are remembered for eternity.

Through its lectures, classes, and literature, the Center
seeks to broaden the public's knowledge of the roots and
history of Jewish and Israeli art, to celebrate the lives and
paintings of some of the most talented artists that ever lived,
and to ensure that the Jewish artists who painted during the
Holocaust and their art are never forgotten.
Yehuda Bacon (born 1929)

“Look how we defeated
Hitler with all his army, his
tanks and his evil – with love,
kisses and a wedding.”

Joseph Bau (1920-2002)

"So many died without leaving
a whisper from the past. Many
never left even one piece of
paper as a document of their

Peter Zvi Malkin (1927-2005)